Post-doctorat à l’Hubrecht Institute (Equipe C. Robin), Pays-Bas

The group of Dr. Catherine Robin has an immediate opening for a creative and self-motivated Postdoc in the field of hematopoietic stem cell generation and regulation.

Description of the project

Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) are responsible for the production and replenishment of all blood cell types throughout life. How HSCs are formed and acquire their stem cell properties, i.e. self-renewal and multipotency, has inspired scientists and clinicians for many decades, leading to life-saving medical treatments, such as HSC transplantation. The adult HSC identity is already specified in the embryo, where concomitant with the initiation of the heartbeat, some endothelial cells embedded in the wall of the aorta gain a hemogenic potential, allowing these cells to transdifferentiate to acquire an HSC fate. Despite intensive research efforts, basic questions on HSC emergence and regulation remain unanswered. This project will explore the fundamental requirement to generate hemogenic endothelium and HSCs both in vivo (in mice and zebrafish models) and in vitro. Different in vitro experimental approach will be developed, including ESC culture and novel bioengineering/bioprinting approaches to create and image in vitro an artificial system to induce HSC formation. The overall goal of this innovative project is to identify and manipulate the key mechano-biochemical signals, mechanisms and regulators involved in hemogenic endothelial and hematopoietic fate decision in a microenvironment created in vitro with unprecedented accuracy. This fundamental knowledge will open new avenues for setting the foundations of the next generation of HSC-based therapies.


We are looking for an outstanding and ambitious candidate, with a strong background in cellular/molecular biology and/or developmental biology/hematopoiesis. Candidates should have obtained their PhD and have first or co-author publications/preprints in the respective field. Candidates are expected to be able to work independently and in teams and have excellent written and oral communication skills in English. The candidate should be passionate about biology, curiosity driven, and be motivated to work hard in an ambitious, multidisciplinary, and international research team. The ability to work with animal is not mandatory but is a plus (obtention of Art.9 or any licence to work with animals).

Conditions of employment

Fixed-term contract: 1 year with the possibility of an extension. Depending on education and experience the minimum salary is € 3.420,- and the maximum salary is € 4.490,- gross per month for a full-time appointment (scale 10 cao Nederlandse Universiteiten/KNAW). This is exclusive of 8% vacation allowance, 8.3% year-end bonus, travel allowance, internet allowance, home working allowance and pension accrual with ABP.

Information: For additional information please contact Dr. Catherine Robin at or visit the website

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