Post-doctoral researcher in hematology Institut Gustave Roussy

Open position

Post doctoral position for 30 months, started beginning of 2022, funded by INCA-PL-BIO at the Inserm Unit U1287, Gustave Roussy, Villejuif.Project

Effects of PARP inhibition on normal hematopoietic cells, on clonal selection and acute myeloid leukemia development

Description of the project

Therapy-related acute myeloid leukemia (t-AML) represent 5-10% of all AML. They can occur months or years after the use of cytotoxic therapies for the initial cancer treatment. We are particularly interested in the role of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitors (PARPi), currently used in breast and ovarian cancers, on clonal selection and AML development, as our preliminary results suggest increased occurrence of t-AML upon treatment and selection of clones harboring p53 mutations (Martin JE et al, Ann Oncol, 2021).

By using patients primary cells and mouse models, we plan to confirm clonal selection upon treatment, and identify mechanisms implicated in leukemogenesis. We will combine cellular, molecular and omics approaches to determine the consequences of PARPi on clonal selection and t-AML development.

As one of the major adverse effect of PARPi treatment is severe anemia, we will also study the consequences of the treatment on normal hematopoietic lineages, in particular erythroid lineage.


We are looking for a highly motivated post doc, with knowledge in the hematopoietic field, and at least one first-author publication. Skills in mouse works, human primary cells culture, flow cytometry and molecular biology will be greatly appreciated.

The INCA-PL-BIO grant will cover the salary for 30 months. The candidate should be eligible for a funding by Inserm (less than 2 years of experience in a french academic lab after PhD graduation, loi Sauvadet).

Lab and environment

The project will be developed at the Inserm Unit 1287, in the team « From stem cells to megakaryocytes » directed by Isabelle Plo and Hana Raslova. This project is headed by Iléana Antony-Debré, Isabelle Plo and Jean-Baptiste Micol. Our team is located at Gustave Roussy, which is the 1st European Cancer Center, in Villejuif (accessible from Paris by metro line 7). We have access to several platforms that will be necessary for this project: imaging and cytometry, genomics, bioinformatics and animal facilities.

Team website :

To apply

Send CV, list of publications and 2 letters of reference as a single pdf file to, and

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