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Full time postdoctoral position is offered for 2 years (+ 1 additional year) in cancer biology

BoRdeaux Institute of onCology (Inserm/University of Bordeaux) Normal and leukemic hematopoietic stem cells group (Team 10)

We are seeking a highly motivated and career-oriented postdoctoral fellow (PhD or MD-PhD)

to complement our team. The fellow will work on novel and ongoing projects on Acute Myeloid Leukemia using both transgenic mouse models and patient samples. The overall goal will be to elucidate the impact of a newly identified gene in transformation process and resistance to treatment. This gene is involved in several pathways regulating energetic metabolism, epigenetics or lipogenesis depending on the tissue but to date its function

in the hematopoietic tissue remains unknown.

Application process

For applications and further inquiries, please contact

Interested candidates should send a CV, cover letter summarizing research interests, professional experience, and career goals and the names of two referees.

Complete information here

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